Saturday, 10 May 2008

Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds

Been to Kirkstall Abbey for a few times. It is a ruined monestery found at Kirkstall, Leeds. Today, it has become one of the main attractions in Leeds. Admission is free. All these photos were taken from 2 of my separate visits.

This place is definately 95% destroyed. What left is just the concrete tiles.

The front door of abbey. Sometimes the gate is opened, most of the time it is closed.

The main gate was closed during our first visit to Kirkstall Abbey.

We were so lucky that the gate was opened for us during our second visit to this abbey. Facinating view of walk way in this abbey.

One of the coffins in the abbey. Dare to sleep in it and take photo?

This is one of the wall taken from in-side the abbey.

The same wall from the up-right photo. The different is this photo was taken from the out-side of abbey.

The back view of Kirkstall Abbey.

Also the view of Kirkstall Abbey from the back.

There is a public garden behind the abbey. A good place for BBQ in summer.

Summer of Kirkstall Abbey.

There is a small lake next to the garden, behind Kirkstall Abbey.

Took a slow walk around Kirkstall Abbey before going back home. This photos were take from the right side of abbey.

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