Thursday, 27 August 2009

Whitby II (22 August 09)

More photos taken at Whitby....

I don't remember Donald Duck has a pair of long legs....??

Nice weather, nice scenary, nice events, nice crowd, nice fish and chips... yes everything was nice at Whitby~!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Whitby I - One of the Popular Tourist Destination in England (23 August 2009)

从来都不知道Whitby 原来是一个那么漂亮的地方。这里虽然只是一个小镇,但却是一个很有自己特色的小镇。Whitby的自然地形集合了小山谷、海滩、大海洋、大大小小的船,最重要的是它那建在山谷边具有独特人文及文化的建筑屋。



I never know that Whitby is such a nice small town. Whitby carries its own culture and characteristics, it's such a unique town. This land combines the most beautiful landscapes of beaches, deep blue ocean, green hills, all kind of boats and ships, and not forgetting the unique archicture of Whitby's houses that hang over the cliff.

Not sure whether Whitby was having any special celebration yesterday, but there were lots of street performances around the city. I was walking and squeezing myself like a sardine while working on the street. We even had to wait for spaces available in the paid parking lots. Such crowded!

I like Whitby!! It's so amazing!

Dancing with sword...

Sword Dance

Hi! It's me!! I was squeezing like a sardine!

Puppet show

This man was performing fire eating act!

These nets are used for fishing.

On the way to the beach/seaside.