Monday, 24 September 2007

York (22 Sep 07)

York is a town stands at north of Leeds. It is approcimately an hour drive from Leeds to this lovely town. One of my ex-colleagues from Leeds told me a British was once landed in a place in US and name the place according to York, that was how New York got its' name. I am not sure how reliable her story is, never take it seriously as well. :)

Part of the attractions in Yorks are York Minster, The Shambles and The Castle Wall. We were very lucky to vitness some military ceremony on that day.

Althought York is just a small town, but I love the uniqueness of it's building, especially The Shambles.

Behind me is the York's City Wall. Some sections of the walls date back to Roman times. This wall is miles long, which surrounded the city of York.

You may find a few entrances along the big concrete wall. Behind me is one of the entrances called Monk Gate.

I was attracted by this beautiful Gothic Church when I first saw it. This is York Minster, one of the oldest cathedral in England.

This short video shows the whole view of York Minster.

This man's art works was awesome! Not sure how long he has spent his time drawing this, but his work was really amazing! Everything looks so 3D, so pop-up!

This is another entrance, not sure what this gate is called. Most streets in York are narrow and cars are not allowed to be driven in. These streets were given a name called 'The Shambles', which means old street with overhanging timber-frame buildings.

Military parade in front of York Minster.

These are the retired soldiers who once faught in the battle.

Beside visiting this place, another reason why I wanted to come to York is to have a look at this special shop - The Cat Gallery. The shop sells cat stuf only, it's a shop made and opened for a cat freak like me! :P Was trying to find some cat stuf to add to my collections, however the prices are way too high than what I can affort to have.

Bought these pickles in one of the market. It looked nice... but honestly, the taste was lauzy! Or may be I just don't really like sour food....

Clifford Tower is all the remains of York Castle. It was believed that York citizens were once rioted against the Jewish in York. About 1190 Jews took refuge inside the castle. Many Jews killed themselves in the castle, rather than being captured and slaughtered by the bloodthursty mob from outside.

Visitors could take a slow walk along the City Wall. This wall was once built for protecting York city from being attacked by their enermy.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007


两天前,学校里突然招了所有的academicians 和administrators开会
原来Harry 王子的女朋友Chelsy Davy

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

This is why I love Scotland!

While on our way driving back to Leeds, we stopped by a a few spots. The crop fields along the way were too nice, it was like a painting! I just couldn't believe that I see this with my own eyes! Love the scenary, it's so breathtaking!

Hay was collected after harvesting and farmers rolled it up to become plentty of big giant rolls!!

See behind my back? So many rolls of hay were scatered around the field.

Cows, sheeps and other farm animals cover all over the green hill.

Glasgow~The Biggest City of Scotland (26 Aug 07)

26/8/07,去了Loch Lohmond, 我们南下去Glasgow。Glasgow 是苏格兰的最大城市,也是续伦敦、巴黎、柏林后在欧洲第四大的城市。如今,Glasgow 的人口大概有200万人,总共是41%整个苏格兰的人口。

After visiting Loch Lohman in Balloch on 26th August 2007, we drove to south Scotland to visit the biggest city in Scotland - Glasgow. Glasgow is also the 4th biggest city in Europe after London, Paris and Berlin. Today, there are roughly 2.3 millions populations in Glasgow. The statistic stands 41% of all populations in the entire Scotland.

在早在多年前,Glasgow 已经是个繁忙的港口。很多运输都是通过Clyde河送到世界各地去。Clyde 河也是出产最多苏格兰鲑鱼(三文鱼)的河流。Glasgow 有新城、旧城之分。来到这里,我们向无头苍蝇一样到处去。首先我们在沿港口一带逛,去参观Glasgow 最大的帆船,然后再到Glasgow 的展览礼堂 - Scottish Exibition & Conference Centre (SECC)。

Since many centuries ago, Glasgow is already a very busy harbor. River Clyde is the main stream for all activities of exports and imports, also as one of the rivers that produces most Scottish Salmon. Firstly we drove along the river, we visited Glasgow Harbor and Scottish Exibitio & Conference Centre (SECC). Then we moved forward to the city centre of Glasgow.

Tallest and biggest ship at Glasgow Harbor. Today, this ship is used only for exhibition purposes.

Scottish Exhibistion & Conference Centre (SECC).

后来我们跟着地图,再向Glasgow 市中心闯,不小心来到了Glasgow 的一座老教堂 - Glasgow Cathedral。这所教堂是蛮大的,最特别的是它那高高的天花。里面到处都是很漂亮的stainglass,有一些地方还摆放了前教父的遗体。
Accidentally, we came to the oldest cathedral in Glasgow, it's called Glasgow Cathedral.

Glasgow Cathedral (side view).

Glasgow Cathedral, the oldest Cathedral in Glasgow.

Glasgow Cathedral, I am in the photo, see me?

One of the statues outside Glasgow Cathedral.

Glasgow Cathedral the inside architecture. What makes this cathedral looks grand is it's tall ceiling.

Hubby was reading some tourist information... where to go next?

Glasgow Cathedral has very beautiful stainglasses, this is one of them.

Another huge and tall stainglass in Glasgow Cathedral.

Glasgow Cathedral.

Glasgow 教堂的对面就是一个很大的坟场 - Glasgow Necropolis。这里埋葬了Glasgow 的皇族们的遗体,如今这里应该有超过于3500 坟墓葬在这里,整个山上、山下都是满满的坟墓。爬到坟场的最高处看下来就可以看到Glasgow 的全景,很漂亮!来到这里不会有阴森的感觉,反而它那美丽的风景加上新鲜的空气于大风,让人感觉到很舒服。每一天,这里都会有很多人来散步。
Glasgow Necropolis is situated on a hill opposite Glasgow Cathedral. The Royal Families were buried here. By standing on top of the hill, you will be able to see the whole Glasgow. That is the best place to view Glasgow city as a whole.

Walkway that link Glasgow Cathedral to the opposite hill - Glasgow Necropolis.

We were able to view the whole building of Glasgow Cathedral from on top of the hill.

Glasgow Necropolis, there are over 3500 tombs here.

The whole view of Glasgow new and old city from Necropolis Hill.
我们再向市中心走去。途中我们经过了Glasgow 的大学,再走一段距离,我们来到了十字路口中央的一个大苯钟 - Tolbooth Steeple. 这里本来是政府中心、受税区、监狱等等。
Tolbooth Steeple is in the middle of Glasgow city, and it's situated at the junction of 4 most busy roads. This place used to be the City Council of Glasgow.

Tolbooth Steeper stands in the middle of busy junction.

在Glasgow 的城市中央有一座很大的广场 - George Square,是于1781年开始开工建立。广场的正中央有一座很高的纪念碑。在广场的旁边有一座很宏伟的建筑物,那就是Glasgow City Chambers, 也就是Glasgow 政府的主要建筑物。
George Square is at another side of city centre of Glasgow. It was built in 1781. A very tall obelisk is standing in the middle of George Square. Glasgow City Chamber is just beside George Square.

This is the tall obelisk that stands in the middle of George Square.

Glasgow City Chamber

之后我们还在周围逛逛。但因为时间有限的关系,我们必须赶回去Stirling,我们只走马看花的在城市里逛一圈就回去了。我觉得有时间的话不防滑多一点时间在Glasgow 走走,这个地方值得一游。
Due to time constain, we were able to visit a few more places before driving back to Stirling.

Other parts of the city.

Modern Arts Gallery