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新德里 *New Delhi


Hubby went to India for an international conference. I took that oppotunity to go with him. India is one of my favourite countries that I always want to go. This is our first oversea trip. Althought we were there for only 3 days, it was an unforgetabe trip. We managed to spend 2 days in New Delhi and a day in Agra. India is such an exotic place to visit!


New Delhi is the capital city of India. It is located at North India with more than 320 thousand populations. It gave me an impression that this city has no proper town planning, it was really in bad shape. When night falls, air started to get polluted, the whole city is buried with thick haze.

Most Indians are still practicing caste system in India. Majority of them are still living under poverty. In New Delhi, you may find simple houses that are made of woods and mud. Due to high humidity, houses are not paint to avoid excessive mold growth. Most cooking and washing take place out side the house. Indian women collects cow dunk to use as bio-fuel, mainly for cooking. Cow dunk must be sun-dried before used. I found it's very enviromental friendly.

It was a good experience to try on this Tut-tut liked taxi in India (Tut-tut is a kind of 2 wheels motor vehicle used in Thailand). The fees were cheap, however you may feel very insecure to sit in this vehicle, especially when this small vehicle is running like speedy-gonzales on the busy road. In India, drivers will never put signal before they make turning to either left or right. They rather honk the other drivers to give warning. What a strange way...

骑了很久的单车得士,总于到达了新德里的印度门(India Gate)。这道门是个纪念碑,用来纪念在第一次世界大战和阿富汗大战中殉职的兵士们。纪念碑的墙上雕刻着上万人的名字。

We simply roamed around in the city and we found India Gate by luck. India Gate is built to remember army who had sacrified in World War I and Afghan War. Thousands of names are engraved on the gate.

一直以来我们都是无辣不欢的人。加上我特别的喜欢吃印度餐,既然来到了印度,当然就得尝尝当地的菜肴,试一试真正的道地印度餐。上面这个是side dishes, 用来配主料吃的。其中有生小葱(不过看起来满大的,有一点恐怖)、辣菜、还有青青色的薄荷汁。那一天,我们点了一道curry 葱鸡、牛油鸡和白饭。新德里的菜肴在大马真的找不到。那种香味、口味只能永远用记忆去回味。

I love spicy food, especially Indian and Malay food. Frankly speaking, I never had such delicious Indian food neither in Malaysia nor UK. Indian food in India is the best!! We ordered curry onion chicken, butter chicken and rice for lunch. It came with 3 side dishes: fresh shallots, curry vege and mint saurce.

新德里最出名的购物天堂 - India Haat。那里有一正排的店口,但都是用木板搭成的小店口,非常简陋。通常,游客都可以在这里找到新德里的产品,也可以找到印度当地的艺术品。最常见的店口都是卖Punjabi衣、印度丝绸布、首饰品、装饰品等等。虽然简陋,但很喜欢这里。这里五颜六色的衣服和布料,加上色彩缤纷的装饰品,整条街都充满了色彩。我们回去大马的三天后这里发生了爆炸案,听说死伤了很多人。

If you happened to be in New Delhi, don't forget to visit India Haat. India Haat is a shopping paradise. Here, you could find all sorts of accessories, Indian silk, surveniors, Punjabi's clothes and etc. This market is always crowded with people. 3 days after returning from India to Malaysia, we were shocked to know that India Haat was attacked by suicide bombing. Many tourists were seriously injured and some were killed.

新德里的 Qubt Minar是用砖垫成的塔。凭着238尺的高度,Qubt Minar 就这样成了世界上最高的砖塔。不只如此,Qubt Minar 和周围的古物都被列为 UNESCOWorld Heritage。建塔工程早在1386完成,当时让很多印度回教徒因为它而感到自豪。

Qubt Minar is another place that one must visit. Today, Qubt Minar islisted by UNESCO as a historical heritage. This minarat is made of bricks and it's the tallest stone minaret in the world. It measures 238 feets in height. It was completed in 1386 and it's one of the Islamic architecture that makes muslim very proud of it.

其实Qubt Minar 真的不是一般的柱子。远远看以为它只是一个用红褐色砖块垫上去的一个高塔。但走进一看才晓得原来这个塔并不是完完全全只用了砖块,其中一些部份是用石头垫上去的。用石头垫的部份都雕上了花纹以及我看不懂的阿拉伯字。这塔真的好美!
Qubt Minar is more than just ordinary. Flowers and Arabic characters were crafted on this historical monuments. The nearer you get to Qubt Minar, the more you will find it's beautiful.


Was surrounded by a group of school kids!!


Most have been re-constructed.

在计划中,Ala-ud-din 本来是想把 Alai Minar 建得比 Qubt Minar 还要高两倍,但最后工程并不能如期进行。结果整个工程在 Ala-ud-din 过世后便停止了。

Beside Qubt Minar, there is also another minaret called Alai Minar. Ala-ud-din planned to build Alai Minar 2 times higher than Qubt Minar. However, the construction never continue after Ala-ud-din passed away.


You could find this cold lemon drink stalls every where in India. We dare not try as we suspect the seller got the water directly from the ground.

新德里另一个伟大的杰作 - Lotus Temple。这印度神庙是于1986年完成,算是一座相当新的新德里旅游点之一。

Lotus Temple is a house of worship. It was completed in 1986 and today, it stands as one of the tourist attractions in New Delhi.

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