Tuesday, 8 May 2007

A Sunny But Windy BBQ Day

We have waited for so long, hoping sun will shine brightly again. Still remember we went to Hyde Park the other day and saw people barbecuing? We wanna do our own barbecue too! However, it was very cloudy and windy during last 3 weekends, sometimes it rained too.

After waiting for so long, surprisingly it turned out to be a big bright sunny day this morning. We quickly rang up Lok and invited her to join us barbecuing at the park. Unfortunately, the sky turned grey and by the moment we put up fire, it started to rain... crap! Well... guess we were unlucky, today is not a good day for outing. Anyway, we continued on grilling our food while it rained. Eating and sitting in the cold is not fun at all.

Before packing home, we went for a short walk in the park. Hubby suddenly tapped on my shoulder and asked me to look for something. I turned my head around and saw lavendar... OMG! This is my first time in life seeing the real lavenda! I don't really like the smell, however it's something new to me, I plugged a few lavendar and brought it back home.

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