Sunday, 17 February 2008

New Castle (16 Feb 08)

Gateshead Millenium Bridge was built across River Tyne. The total value spending to build this bridge is 22 millions pounds sterling. This bridge has a 'shark jaw' that could open to allow cruises and ships to go through. It takes about 5 minutes to open up to 40 degree, sometimes wind speed may slow down the process.

On our way crossing the bridge.

The one at the far end of this photo is Tyne Bridge.

Behind me is Sage Gateshead. It is a centre for musical education, performance and conference.

St.Andrew Church

Street performance.

Grey's Monument stands in the town centre. It's about 40m in height.

' Ever Changing' is a street art work.

Arch of China Town in New Castle.

Someone placed a skeleton in the car and park the car beside a busy road. I thought I saw soemething I shouldn't see.... hahaha!!

Discovery Museum in New Castle. Basically it is a science and eduational centre for children. Nothing is atrtactive there.

Behind me is the whole stretch of China Town. It was very quite.....

Saw this statue some where in the town.

'Hi! Could you please show me how to go to this place?'

'What? You ask me to go off? Take this!'

'Yiiaa... '

'...Huu!!' (Haha... that's a series of selfmade stories. We have nothing much to do while loituring on the street! )

Gateshead Millenium Bridge

Tyne Bridge is also built to connect two lands in between River Tyne. Previously it was a stonebridge (year 1270), but then it was washed away by a big flood in 1771. 10 years after that, a new stonebridge was built. After almost a century, then only this bridge turned to be the Swing Bridge that we see today. It was operated in 1876.

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