Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Bonfire Night In Hyde Park (11/5/07)

In Great Britain, bonfires are particularly associated with Guy Fawkes Night (also known as fireworks night or bonfire night), an annual commemoration of the discovery of the The Gunpowder Plot on 5 November 1605. Basically, Bonfire is a large controlled outdoor activity. In UK, people celebrate it yearly all over the place.

We have choosen to go to Hyde Park instead of Roundhay Park, as Hyde Park is nearer to our house, and the crowd in Hyde Park should be 5 times smaller than in Roundhay Park (to avoid tracfic jam). Bonfire started at 7:00pm, and it follows by fireworks at 7:30pm. While fire was burning, we could feel the heat from far, even though the weather is only around 4-6 degree celsius tonite. After viewing firecrackers for 15 minutes, we attended a fun fair opposite the park. It was crowded too! Luckily the windwas chilling, we didn't feel hot or stuffy. Had a fun time tonite! Will go again next year!

Woods were stacked up high and no one was allowed to go near to it. Only people who incharged in that event were allowed to be around.

The crowd was counting down together from 10 to 1, then there it goes! The woods are on fire!

The flame reached higher than a 2 storeys building.

We couldn't stand near to see the burning. It was so hot, even thought the area were crowded and the weather was chilling.

... then followed by fireworks...

It was extremely cold that night!:P

The crowd were heading to a nearby fun-fair after the fireworks ended. This group of people gathered and surrounded a live-band, they dance and sing loud together.

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