Monday, 16 April 2007

Here Comes Spring in 2007!!

Finally the sun stop hiding himself from us. This afternoon was a big sunny day! The temperature was 23 degree celsius, warm but windy (just nice, I love it!). Again, we went to Hyde Park for a walk and to take some photos. I realised that hubby was extremely happy. He sang, he jumped, climbed up & down and danced like a child. He is a sunny boy, he needs sunshine to bring him energy!

In the park, trees are turning green and most are with pink sakura. I have never seen such breath taking scenary in my life before. The greens bring me happiness and hope, the air breeze with the smell of flowers... everything seems so great and beautiful! Hyde Park was full and crowded with people. It was different compare to few weeks ago, not much people were around. In spring, people like to do sunbathing under the big sun, as they believe tan is beauty. Some were playing games and sports, while others were lying on the grass with their favourite books and some were having great time barbecuing with a bunch of friends. I am sharing today's pictures with you. Hope you will like it! :)

Arrrhhh.... nice warm sun!!

So crowded with people!!

These were what we brought along...

But this was not what we did...

Father and son.

Sakura was blossom at every where in the park.

Hubby was dancing 'Para-para Sakura' under Sakura tress.

Love birds in spring.

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