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A Short Visit to Chester (28 Apr 07)

We went to Chester on the same day we visited Conwy. It was about an hour drive from Conwy to Chester. We stopped by at Chester on our way back to Leeds. Chester is an old town with more than 2,000 years of history. It was one of the last towns falls to the Normans (people from northern France). This town is well known with its' Roman architecture.

Visting Chester city centre was our last action before we depart. You could find lots of shop houses here, it's a shopping paradise. These shop-lots are all in dacker, means with 2 storeys. The rows form a second level of shops above those on street level and are the only known examples in the world although no one is sure why they were built in this way. Some of the building along the streets have remained since 13th century, but many are Victorian copies. This unique designed of shop houses is called Chester Row.

Chester Row, the city centre with lots of shops.

Chester Row.

Way to Roman Garden.

This was one of the greatest invention back in many centuries ago. Pillars were built below hypocaust to reduce heat and helps air circulation in the house.

If you are visiting Chester, dont miss Chester Information Centre. Not only that it serves as a place to provide visitors with lots of information and guides, you could also discover lots of armours in the exhibition hall, just right up to the second floor. We put on the plate armour and chain armour, boy oh boy...they are heavier than we thought! We didn't expect chain armour could be so heavy (hubby said it should be more than 20kg). Just wondering... people faught in the battle with all these heavy stuff on them?

The chain and plate armour.

Haha... acting as if he is a Spartan.

A double storey tour bus...

... with a lady tour guide in costume.

Roman Amphitheatre.

Believe it or not? A human is hiding under the poodle dog's costume!

Very unique architecture in Chester.

Eastgate Clock is a turret clock built above the Eastgate of the Ancient Walls. This clock served as one of the landmark for Chester, it was placed there in 1897.

The Eastgate Clock.

Of cause not forgetting to visit another main attraction in Chester --- The Chester Cathedral. This old church is over 1,000 year old. Originally a Saxon Minster, then rebuilt as a Benedictine Abbey. This magnificicent building has been the Cathdral of the Diocese of Chester since 1541.

Chester Cathedral.

We rushed to Chesire Military Museum at around 4:30, unfortunately, the last admission was at 4:00pm. We were so dissapointed that we had missed the opportunity to visit such a great place. We also couldn't find our way to Dewa Roman Experience (it was some where down at the back street). Actually, we did by pass Dewa Roman Experience a few times, just couldn't understand why we didn't see it until it was 5:15pm... sign!). Dewa Roman Experience should be a great place to explore, it exhibits lives of Roman Empayer in Britain.

Although we missed out Chesire Military Museum and Dewa Roman Experience, we manage to get into Grosvenor Museum. This museum has the largest collection of Roman tombstones from a single site in Britain. We learnt alot from the museum, including old Roman costumes, Roman fine arts, history, artifacts, Chester herritage & etc. The admission is free.

Grosvenor Museum.

In Grosvenor Museum.

Outside Chester Council Hall.

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