Saturday, 16 July 2011


I have been craving for mooncake for the past 4 years. Although mooncake could be found in UK during the month of lantern festival, we never bought it due to the price was expensive and they didn't look fresh. They looked like being kept in the store for years. Most mooncakes sold in UK were imported either from Hong Kong or mainland China.

Mooncake with lotus filling is always my favourite. I some how love the smooth texture of grounded lotus seeds, the aroma and the slightly sweet taste of heaven. To me, mooncake is snack! Snack that serves while watching TV and it goes well with a hot cup of green tea, yes it always does!

Some loves mooncakes with lotus and duck eggs filling, some love chocolate mooncakes; some said mooncakes with walnut is the best... well, there are too many flavors for you to choose: mooncake with mint, fruity one, red bean, green tea, pandan (asian vanilla), mixed nuts... they even produced mooncake with the taste of tiramisu! Although there are lots of choices, I still prefer the classical, traditional flavor of pure lotus mooncake!

I bought 3 mooncakes from JJ last night. Just couldn't resist to see the glittering baked layer of pastry + the soft brown lotus filling!
I bought one pure lotus, one lotus with duck egg and another with lotus, ghoji and longan to adventure new taste. I am not sure if I was hallucinating, but I heard these mooncakes were saying: buy me! buy me! when I walk passed them!

They are now in my stomach...



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