Sunday, 24 July 2011

Yes! They are my favourite food!

I read this from yesterday papers and today I saw it again in one of my X-student's FB post.

World's 50 most deicious food! So... which are in your list? Out of these 50 choices, these are some of the foods I really love!

50. Buttered Pop-corn
- Well, I prefer caramel pop-corn, but buttered pop-con will do!

47. Seafood Paella
- Had this in Spain and this is absolutely delicious!

46. Som Tam
- My sister in-law is good in making this, love her version of Som Tam. It's made of shreded green papaya + fish saurce and other vege ingrediants. Taste very Asia!

39. Ketchup
- I love this sauce! I love to add it to my fried rice, go with any fried chicken, especially with wedges and french fries!

35. Chili Crab
- I love crab and the best Chili Crab that I had is at Fatty Crab in Taman Mega, Petaling Jaya.

23. Lagsana
- Oh yes Lagsana, lagsana, lagsana! My favourite and Garfield's favourite too!!

22. Brownie
- Oh my... that reminds me Brownie from Sansbury, one of the UK grocery mall! It's fabulous! I just couldn't stop to put more and more into my mouth!

21. Croissant
- I hate things made of flour, but definately not this one!!! A puffy Croissant with a cup of thick coffee brings me a great day!

14. Donuts
- Although it's fattening... but I don't care!!

12. Shepherd's Pie
- This is really delicious! Love the taste, love the texture and love the combination of minced meat and mashed potato! I don't take lamb, so I will normally take Shepherd's Pie that is cooked with beef.

11. Rendang
- I don't have to say much... I believe many of you love this too!!

7. Penang Asam Laksa

5. Peking Duck
- No doubt, the best grill duck is Peking duck! I love the honeyed-sweet, crunchy, thin and cracking duck skin!!

4. Shushi
- I donno since when I started to love Shushi... guess it started just a few years back...,2

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