Monday, 31 December 2012

Good Bye 2012 & Welcome 2013!

I think year 2012 has been really kind to me. I live, stay and eat happily. That comes with significant evidence where I have grown so much horizontally. Well, at least I survived through the so call 'DOOMSDAY' predicted by Maya. Phew!

Looking back to the past one year... well... hmm... what have I done? Not much, but yet meaningful. I adopted AHU from someone who was going to leave him in the palm estate. This furrykid joint the family in February but then later when missing on the Halloween day. Not sure what took him away, but definately he took my heart away. Hubby and I have been really sad since he was gone. Missing him so much, even until today.

One month plus after AHU was gone, we had Kusky, a little cheeky ASH (not really pure but still fit some of the ASH criteria) that looks like a little siberian husky. This little furry friend has thrown lots of joy to the family. Love him to the max!

In 2012, hubby and I have also started our dream to concure Asia, we started with Japan. Osaka and Kyoto are definately an eye opening to both of us.

Learnt a few new dishes too. However, I have done less cooking nowaday. Too bad.

Bought a cross over for myself in May this year (there start my 5 years commitment). Before this, hubby has to wake up much earlier just to send me to work. Also, driving Merz in town cost very high petrol consumption. That was why I have to think of a second family car that could help to save more petrol. Basically Nissan X-gear is a good car with very satisfying performance. Well, what else a mid age lady like me could request for? I just want to be PRACTICAL.

About work... I spent most of my time for work. Had a new boss in end of the year, from a man boss changing to have a lady boss. Works always are challenging and busy, however I quite satisfied with my job at the moment. Developing talents in the company, dealing with universities on university collaboration issues, conducted a few sessions of soft skills training to higher managerial positions & etc. Work performance has been fairly good, up to my boss expectation and most importantly up to my self-expectation too. Few months bonus plus good increment, considered good for an economy downturn year.

So that are all about 2012. What about 2013?
1. Confirm visiting Vietnam and Cambodia.
2. Thinking of 'resurrecting' my OMeow Comic.
3. Thinking of investing a new camera and a good new lens.
4. Hoping to utilize my kitchen and huge oven more so that I could post up more new and delicious recipe in my blog.
5. I WANNA SLIM DOWN!! So I will do more exercises and eat more healthy.
6. I want to dress up more properly to work and put up some make-up. All these while I know I have been really slack. It's time to change!
7. I will not keep on shouting like mad when someone doesn't want to help in housework. I will learn to take it easy. Be cool and be calm, act and behave like a lady!
8. I will produce more blogs in my blogspots.
9. To go home and visit my parents more often.

That's my KPI for year 2013! 

Happy New Year to all of you! May you have a wonderful and marvelous year ahead!!  

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