Friday, 3 May 2013

Malaysia Media Has No Balls

Malaysia 13th election is coming. We know the truth what is going on out there. Come on media... are you blind? Can't you see the truth and report the truth? You just don't have guts and perhaps you have dropped your balls too!!


  1. Maybe is not the media doesn't want to report or say anything, is that they're not allowed to do anything on it!!!

  2. Yes, you are kind of right.

    Everyone knows our media is controlled by the gov. They are scared to be asked to shut down after the election, if the last party wins again.

    As media, they shall be free from political influence. Their manifesto is to tell the truth, the truth of what is actually going on. More than 50 years, Malaysians lives in lie. Lie from gov, and sad to say that the act was supported by media.

    Not only they don't tell the truth, in fact they twisted the truth too! Our media defeats the real spirit of what media should have. Nothing could change my perspective for our media. I still believe they are just a bunch of coward without balls!