Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Life in Leeds

I first arrived in Leeds was in Dec 2006. It was 25 days away from Christmas. These are some of the photos taken during my first touring in Leeds City.

Taken in University of Leeds campus.

Also taken in University of Leeds campus.

A chapel in campus.

Was attracted by these surviniors sold in one of the shops in Leeds City Centre.

Was doing my window shopping...

Leeds Civic Hall

A temporary ice-skating court is set every year in between January to March at Millenium Square.

Every where was hung with Christmas decoration...

A monument was build in town city centre for the remembrance of soldiers who sacrified their life in war.

Saw these cactus in one of the florist. Mexicano, haha... cute!

This picture was taken from our studio.

Outside our studio.

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