Thursday, 9 August 2007

Oxford - Best Place for Viewing English Architecture (4 Aug 07)

One thing that makes Oxford special is its building and architecture. Before going to University, I always wanted to be an architect. I love the design of a building, have too much passion in it. However dream does not always become reality. I end up becoming a psychologist. :P

Oxford was first occupied by Saxons - one of the tribes found in the south and east of England. It was initially known as 'Oxenaforda', carries the meaning of 'Ford of Ox'. I guess, Saxons must be well built-up and strong, or else they won't apointed themselves as 'Ox'.

Despite of the unique British architecture, one should not forget to visit one of the most established and wellknown university in the world - which is the University of Oxford. This university has 38 independent colleges and 6 religious permanent private halls. All students and academic staff must belong to one of the college or permanent private hall. The name of 38 colleges consist of: All Souls College, Balliol College, Brasenose College, Christ Church, Corpus Christi College, Exeter College, Green Templeton College, Harris Manchester College, Hertford College, Keble College, Jesus College, Kellogg College, Lady Margerat Hall, Linacre College, Lincoln College, Magdalen College, Mansfirld College, Merton College, New College, Neffield College, Pembroke College, Oriel College, The Queen's College, St. Anne's College, St. Anthony College, St Cross College, St. Catherine's College, St Admund Hall, St. Hilda's College, St. Hugh's College, St. John's College, Somerville College, St. Peter's College, Trinity College, University College, Wadham College, Wolfson College and last but not least Worchester College.

This is the outlook of Oxford University's History of Science Museum.

While touring around the Historical Science Museum, we found this blackboard was hanging up high on a wall. We were shocked and stunt after knowing this was Albert Einstein's real hand writing! His hand writing was preserved after his lecture in University of Oxford in year 1931. Amazing isn't it?

One of the colleges in University of Oxford - Magdalen College.

Behind is Clarendon Building. This building used to be University Press, printing and publishing lots of books and texts. Today it has become part of Bodleian Library. Bodleian Library is one of the oldest library in Europe.

Behind is sheldonian Theater, a place for Univesity of Oxford to hold musical concerts, lectures, university's ceremonies but not for drama.

The Bridge of Sign.

Another photo of Magdalen College. This college stands very near to the busiest high street in Oxford.

University Church of St. Mary Virgin.

Stainglass in University Church of St.Mary Virgin.

Radcliffe Camera, an additional reading room for Bodleian Library.

Christ Church College.

Behind is Christ Church College. It is the largest college in the university. Many scences in Harry Potter movies were shot and taken from this college. Christ Church is also related to one of the famous children's literature - Alice in Wonderland. The story was written here by Lewis Carroll.

I was stunt by the interior design of Oxford Town Hall.

The Natural History Museum in University of Oxford. The admission is free.

The interior of museum.

You must have heard alot about the story of 'Alice in Wonderland', but I guess you haven't seen how the real Alice looks like. This is the picture of a girl name Alice. Lewis Carroll wrote the literature based on this girl. Yes! She is the real Alice from 'Alice in Wonderland'!

A short video taken inside Natural History Museum, University of Oxford.