Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Cambridge - The University Town (3 Aug 07)

Cambridge is best known as the home of University Cambridge. Frankly speaking, we were proud that one of our friend is doing his phD in this world's premier university. Thanks to Tee for offering us free accomodation and a warm welcome.

I realised many things are shared in between University of Oxford and University of Cambridge. Both share same colleges names, same British architecture.... these proven both universities has a long history of rivalry with each other. They are often jointly and reffered as 'Oxbridge'.

University of Cambridge has 31 Colleges. Among all, Peterhouse is the oldest college found in year 1284. These are the names of the colleges. Don't be surprised to find some names are similar to Oxford's Colleges: Christ College, Churchill College, Clare College, Clare Hall, Corpus Christi College, Darwin College, Dawning College, Emmanuel College, Fitzwilliam College, Girton College, Gonville and Caius College, Homerton College, Hughes Hall, Jesus's College, King's College, Lucy Cavendish College, Magdelene College, Murray Edwards College, Newnham College, Pembroke College, Peterhouse College, Queen's College, Robinson College, St Catherine's College, St. Edmund's College, St.John's College, Selwyn College, Sidney Sussex College, Trinity College, Trinity Hall and finally Wolfson College.

Behind is Ammanuel College.

Maitland Robinson Building at Downing College.

Downing College.

Sidney Sussex College.

Chapel of St. John's College.

The great wall of Trinity College.

Photo taken inside Trinity College.

Punting is one of the activities you mustn't miss to try.

The gatehouse of King's College. I found King's College has the most beautiful architure compare to the other colleges in University of Cambridge.

Another photo of King's College.

Photo taken inside Corpus Chriti College.

This Mathematical Bridge is belong to Queen's College. It was believed that the bridge was originally built without even a nail. However, today the joints of the present bridge are fasten by nuts and bolts.

King's College - photo taken from the back of the building.

Haha... Me and hubby tried punting, but the other two friends do not know how to swim and were too afraid to fall in the river, they just sat in the boat and enjoy being brought around. Punting looks easy, in fact it is not. The punting stick is so heavy until I could hardly raise it with both of my hands. Hubby was having a great time punting around, but he said it was so tough, challenging and tired! :")

Dropped the punting stick until it touches the ground, then push the boat forward.... something like kayaking a gondola. (am I right to use the word kayaking for gondola?)

The university's library.

Natural Historical Museum of Cambridge University, under the management of Faculty of Zoology.

This is a stone cut collected from ages ago. Seashells have turned to become fossils.

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