Thursday, 30 August 2007

苏格兰的 Loch Lomond 湖 *Loch Lomond in Scotland (26 Aug 07)

第一天去了爱丁堡,第二天去了苏格兰的Loch Lomond 湖。由于这个湖太大了,我们选择只到Balloch, 也就是Loch Lohmond 湖的最尾端。

它是个淡水湖,位于苏格兰的中部。Loch Lomond 是Great Britain 面积最大的湖,比Loch Ness 传说的水怪湖还大,总面积有696平方公里(km),总长度是38.6 公尺(km),深度则是207尺(m)。

Loch Lohman 是个受保护的自然生态湖,周围的一草一木也都在受保护森林的范围中。

We drove to Balloch on our second day of visit to Scotland. Balloch is the place where Loch Lohmnd ends. Loch Lomond is a fresh water lake that stands at the central of Scotland. It's surface is larger than Loch Ness, it is the largest in Great Britain, with 696 square km. The length of this lake is about 38.6km and depth is about 207m. Loch Lohman and its' park are under protection.

图取至Google Map. Map is downloaded from Google: 'A' is the location of Loch Lohmond.

图取至Google Map. Map is downloaded from Google: Detail location of Balloch, end of Loch Lohmond.

Trossachs Natural Park


Our lunch for the day..... Chicken Provisional... with lots of potatos, yummy!


This game looked like really fun, but we dare not try. We wondered... will the string be able to support our weight.....

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