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York (22 Sep 07)

York is a town stands at north of Leeds. It is approcimately an hour drive from Leeds to this lovely town. One of my ex-colleagues from Leeds told me a British was once landed in a place in US and name the place according to York, that was how New York got its' name. I am not sure how reliable her story is, never take it seriously as well. :)

Part of the attractions in Yorks are York Minster, The Shambles and The Castle Wall. We were very lucky to vitness some military ceremony on that day.

Althought York is just a small town, but I love the uniqueness of it's building, especially The Shambles.

Behind me is the York's City Wall. Some sections of the walls date back to Roman times. This wall is miles long, which surrounded the city of York.

You may find a few entrances along the big concrete wall. Behind me is one of the entrances called Monk Gate.

I was attracted by this beautiful Gothic Church when I first saw it. This is York Minster, one of the oldest cathedral in England.

This short video shows the whole view of York Minster.

This man's art works was awesome! Not sure how long he has spent his time drawing this, but his work was really amazing! Everything looks so 3D, so pop-up!

This is another entrance, not sure what this gate is called. Most streets in York are narrow and cars are not allowed to be driven in. These streets were given a name called 'The Shambles', which means old street with overhanging timber-frame buildings.

Military parade in front of York Minster.

These are the retired soldiers who once faught in the battle.

Beside visiting this place, another reason why I wanted to come to York is to have a look at this special shop - The Cat Gallery. The shop sells cat stuf only, it's a shop made and opened for a cat freak like me! :P Was trying to find some cat stuf to add to my collections, however the prices are way too high than what I can affort to have.

Bought these pickles in one of the market. It looked nice... but honestly, the taste was lauzy! Or may be I just don't really like sour food....

Clifford Tower is all the remains of York Castle. It was believed that York citizens were once rioted against the Jewish in York. About 1190 Jews took refuge inside the castle. Many Jews killed themselves in the castle, rather than being captured and slaughtered by the bloodthursty mob from outside.

Visitors could take a slow walk along the City Wall. This wall was once built for protecting York city from being attacked by their enermy.

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