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Stirling (27-28 Aug 07)


由于Stirling 位于苏格兰的偏北方,这里的地形多是山脉。也因为拥有这样的地形,Stirling 成了古时候的保卫城,而且还在最高的山脉上建立城堡。

Thanks to Bernard for accomodating us while we were on our Scotland Trip for 3 days.

Stirling stands in north of Scotland , sorrounded by mountains and craigs, giving it a very strong and strategic defensive position. Here you may find a castle situated on top of the highest hill in Stirling - the Striling Castle.

无意中我们驾驶到Witches Craig。这里是个开放地,游客可以在这里租房住宿,又或者可以自己驾Caraven带全家人来露营,过个快乐的夏天。

We found this place - Witches Craig by accidentally. It is an open area where visitors could rent a room or drive their caravan and bring the whole family here. It is definately a nice place for outing and for family activities, especially during summer holidays.

Viewing the whole view of Stirling Town from Stirling Castle.

Statue of Robert the Bruce. He is the King of Scot who was borne on 11 July 1274 and passed away on 7 June 1329.
Part of Stirling Castle.

It's amazing that 2 statues and Wallace Monument were built in a parallel.

没到Stirling 一游还不知道原来这里是Sir William Wallace 的家乡。Sir William Wallace 这个名字也许你会感觉陌生,但我相信要是我提到Braveheart这一部戏,大家都会懂吧?William Wallace 就是Mel Gidson 在Braveheart 里演的角色,他可算是苏格兰的一位武士,也是带领苏格兰反英国占领的英雄!为了纪念这一位英雄,当地人为他建立了一个很高很大的纪念碑。这纪念碑的高度一共是220尺,耗资了18千英镑。到这座纪念碑之间游客得先爬上246个泥梯级。游客可以买票到纪念碑里参观,里面还摆了William Wallace 当年的随身配剑。
If not because of this trip, I will never know Stirling is home of Sir William Wallace. I believe this name appears to be very insignificant to most people, but when I mentioned the character staring by Mel Gidson in 'Braveheart', you will definately know who I am talking about! Yes, Sir William Wallace is the Scottish hero of Independence. Scottish has built Wallace Monument for the rememberance of this brave man. This monument reaches 220 foot in height and the overall project costs more than 18 thousand pounds. Visitors will have to walk up 246 staircases in order to get close to the monument (it's up on a hill). You may find William Wallace's sword is kept in this tall building.
Statue of Mel Gidson as William Wallace, from the movie - Breaveheart.

Wallace Monument.

Sir William Wallace statue on the Wallace Monument.

The whole view of Stirling town captured from Wallace Monument.

另一个值得一提的景点是Battle of Stirling Bridge. 这里是William Wallace 在第一场苏格兰维护独立的战争中打败英国兵队的地方。当年这场战争发身在1297年9月11日。
Another sight seeing that worth mentioning is the Battle of Stirling Bridge. This is whereSir William Wallace defeated English soldiers on 11th September in year 1297. It is also the first war fighting for Scottish Independence.

Thanks to Bernard for his hospitality!

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