Tuesday, 16 December 2008

尽责 *Thanks to Leeds Police Officers!

"Dear Madam,

As the registered keeper of motor vehicle XXX may I respectfully bring the following to your attention.

At 10:54 hrs on 30th Nov 2008, officers observed your vehicle as having a sat navigator holder on display at XXX which could be potential target to a thief. In addition to the thief, the risk of damage to your vehicle is increased.

We advise that in future you remove all items of property or secure them out of sight before you leave your vehicle unattended.... bla... bla... bla..."

12月1 号那一天收到这样的一封信。收到这样的一封信,我对这里的authority figure 感到十分的尊敬及感谢。他们在巡警时时多么的认真,都有注意到所有可能引起罪案的疑点。最重要的是他们还很尽责的把这件risk 写信通知property 的主人。我在想,大马的警官会向他们那么做吗?他们会否也写信通知property owner 呢?有或者视而不见?

I received a letter from Leeds Area Community Safety on 1st Dec. Thanks them for sending this notice to me, I really appreciate their affort and hard work. Leeds police officers really spend their day loitering and checking around the neighborhood, to ensure safety of the neighbourhood. I was thinking if the same thing happens in Malaysia, will police officers in Malaysia send me the friendly reminder too? Will they?

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  1. hv u sent them back your appreciation letter?