Monday, 24 August 2009

North Yorkshire Moors National Park (22 August 09)

Note: Some photos were taken with DC.

昨天从Leeds到Scarborough的路途中我们经过了North Yirkshire Moor的这一座国家公园。这座国家公园的范围一共是1,436平方公里,的却是一个相当大的地方。这里的公园长满了一种紫色的花的植物,可以说85%的整个公园都长满了它 (Calluna valgaris)。这个拥有山谷、河流的国家公园很漂亮,小华说我们下一回应该到这里爬爬山,踩踩青。

Yesterday we passed by North Yorkshire Moor National Park when we were on our way to Scarborough. This national park is really awesome, it is the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen in England. North Yorkshire Moor Natinal Park covers the area of 1,436km square, it's really huge. Surprisingly this large area is covered with a kind of purple plant (Calluna valgaris) instead of green grasses. Almost 85% of the land is covered by this plant. Hubby told me we should come here and do some hiking in the very near future.

It was a good sunny day...

Here we are at North Yorkshire Moor National Park.

The booth.

The map of national park.

This is the purple plant that covers 85% of land in the national park.

Continuing our journey....

Discovered this crop field somewhere around the national park (may be we were still in the national park territory).

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