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A Day Trip to Malham (6 March 10)

Just coudln't resist the beautiful sunny day on last two Sunday, we decided to go to Malham for a walk!

I never heard of this place until I saw Bernice's photos in FB. On the Friday before going to Malham, I met Colin and asked for his expertise and experience about which is the best site for hiking in Yorkshire and he suggested Malham too!

Malham is a small town located at North Yorkshire, about one and a half hour drive from Leeds. There are a few landmarks that worth visiting: Malham Cove (the limestone cliff), Malham Tarn (UK highest sea-level lake) and Gordale Scar (waterfall).

There is a big parking space for visitors to park their vehicles and payment is required. We reached Malham around 10:30am and surprisingly the car park was fulled! Late comers will have to park their cars along the road side. Although it was a bright sunny day, the wind was still blowing strong and cold. I didn't aspect Malham could be so crowded with visitors and walkers.

Very classical old tavern.

The panorama view of Malaham's farms. (click to enlarge)

I am not sure how long we had walked on that day, but I guess it should be roughly 3-4 miles (or may be more as we took a big round to return to the car park).

Another panorama view of Malham. (please click to enlarge)

I love this place! I love it's landscape!

Behind hubby is Malahm Cove. This cliff is spectacular! It looks like a curving amphitheatre and it is roughly 260 feets high! Geologists believe this limestone cliff was formed after the last ice age.

Paronama view of Malham Cove. (please click to enlarge)

On the way walking towards to Malham Cove, we walked pass a small, quite and lovely stream. The water was crystal clear!!

The stream cuts through the land and form an island that grows a tree.

It's beautiful to see but it's hard to walk! Although both of us put on our new bought walking shoes, I will suggest it's best to get a pair of walking boots to explore this place!

Something just glared on my eyes!! I turned my back and looked... Wow! I found tressure, I found so many coin trees! Do the trees grow money? Don't be ridiculous, of cause not! These coins are push/hammer/knock into the tree trunk, with the believe that it will bring goodluck! It also serves the purpose as a wishing tree.

Fantastic cliff isn;t it? Look at the cliff wall and what can you see?

Let me tell you what was on the cliff wall. A group of people are hanging themselves on the cliff practicing their climbing skills. These cliff hangers are really bold.

After visiting the Cove, we follow the path and the map and walk to this place....

I am not really sure how many steps I have walked from here to reach the top of Malham Cove. According to some information gathered from websites, this stair way contains about 400 steps. I couldn't forget how tiring it was to go through these 400 irregular steps. I stopped once on my way walking up.

Panaroma view taken from Malham Cove (cliff top). (click to enlarge)

Although it was really tiring and exhausting, look at the facinating landscape and gorgeous view! It's worth!

This is another attraction on the top of Malham Cove. This magnificient limestone pavement was formed by the slightly acidic rain, which disolved and widen the joints of limestone. Imagine how long does it need to take to form such an amazing pattern?

How long does it need to take for water to cut through the stones?

Another panaroma view. (click to enlarge)

Big sunny day.... with some snow left on top of the hill......

Panaroma of Malham Cove and the linestone pavement.

My man is standing on top of the big rock/stone!!!

Another panorama of Malham.

Off the hill....

We found a small water fall in the woods. This waterfall has a name, called Janet's Foss.

Found other tree trunks with coins!!

Follow the stream and walking pass the woods....

We walked pass a huge farm before reaching the car park/tourist centre.

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