Thursday, 25 March 2010

Knaresborough (21 March 10)

We shall be back for good in another 6-8 months time. 6-8 months could be really fast, it will be a waste if we do not take this opportunity to travell around and get to know more places in UK, especially places around Yorkshire.

We decided to go for a walk in every weekend unless the weather turns us down. Last Sunday, we went to Knaresborough, about 40 minutes drive from Leeds. Knaresborough is a lovely small town located at North Yorkshire. The town is simple, classic and attractive! Honestly, I love this town more than the other towns that I went before in UK.

Although it's small, tourism industry is very promising in Knaresborough, it attracts visitors from all over the world. Among varies attractions in Knaresborough, Knaresborough railway bridge is my favourite.

Sometimes I really regret why I didn't make a move earlier, to travel and explore as many places as possible in every single corner of UK. UK is so fantastic! It's a country that is enriched by varies cultures, ethnics and beautiful natural landscapes. I will definately miss UK...

Knaresborough Castle was built in c1100 on a cliff above River Nidd. The castle is almost 90% ruined.

When I walk pass the gate, suddenly I heard someone saying 'What's the matter? What's the matter?'. I turned to look around, but I couln't find anyone near by except hubby. Finally I found this is the crow that said 'What's the matter?'. It's amazing! I never know crow can speak like human!

The view from Knaresborough Castle is absolutely gorgeous!! That's the railway bridge and River Nidd. The railway bridge is still in used.

People like to bring and walk their pets around.

I fall in love with this place!

A rememberance to those who sacrified their life in war...

Which boat is yours?

An abondoned boat is full of growing lifes and hopes...

House in the Rock is another attractions in Knaresborough.

Having lunch beside River Nidd....

Emmm..... nice Yorkshire tea with milk...

Fish and chips

I ordered beef burger and chips.

Houses along River Nidd.

A One Eye Ginger

Back to Knaresborough Castle before getting on the car.

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