Sunday, 10 June 2007

Bowness and Windermere (9 June 07)

Bowness is another small town just few miles away from Keswick. This small town attracted thousands of visitors each year. Bowness is also welknown of its lake - Windermere. It is the largest lake in England. During summer, boaters will run their boat along the lake. This lake covers an area of 14.7 square km and with depth of 220 feet.

One of the activities you mustn't miss out is to take a cruise and go around the lake. There are a few type of cruise services available: Yellow Cruise, Blue Cruise, Red and Red Cruise. Each will take different route and of cause the charges are different too.

We took this boat to cruise around Windermere.

Ready for the tour!!

The boat is leaving the port...

These people were having a great time partying on their private boats.

A boy who was sitting in front of me...

Heading back to the port...

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