Saturday, 2 June 2007

British Museum, London (28 May 07)

Britain has the largest and most comprehensive museum in the world. It collects more than 7 million objects from all continents. This musuem is really huge, I have been there twice but still couldn't finish visiting all sites. The overall built area is more than 75,000 m square.

British Museum from the front door.

This is the interior design of British Museum. Great Court is in the centre of British Museum, surrounding the reading room.

This museum is located in a 3 levels buildings, and each level contains several departments. Without a museum map, you will definately get loss some where. Lowest level contains 2 themes (Africa Gallery and Acient Greece & Rome Gallery) with 7 separate sections. While on level 1, there are all together 7 themes (Americas, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome, Asia, Middle East, Thmes & Exhibitions and Changing Display) with 29 sections overall. The highest floor has 8 themes (Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome, Asia (Japan), Europe, Middle East, Themes, Exhibition and Chaning Displays & Gallery Improvement) with 35 sections.

Hoa Hakananaia is exhibited in the centre of 'Africa Gallery'.

This woodcraft is also exhibited at the edge of 'Africa Gallery'.

Short video taken from 'Africa Gellery'.

Another short video taken from 'Africa Gellery'.

An estimation was done by scientist over the years: Each British residence is believed to take approximately 14,000 drug pills in a life time.

Mictlantecuhti is a symbol of dead among Mexican. This statue was found in 'Mexico Gallery'.

A short video taken from 'Mexico Gallery'.

Found under 'Asia' theme in 'India Gallery'.

You could also find all these Chinese acient coins in British Museum. Besides this, they have also collected painting, Buddhist statues and limestones, antiquities, bronze, various shape and quality of jades and other applied arts from mainland China.

This is one of the oldest Buddhist painting from China, it is more than thousand year old.

Guess what is this? Yes! It' the scissors used in Acient China. Cool right?

Here comes the mummy! This is kept in 'Egypt Gallery'.

This is not a replica, this is a real mummy! The hair, the teeth and even the eye lashes are still well preserved.

Egyptian kept their dead cat in this 'cat cofin'.

Some other Egyptian collections that worth seeing.

A short video taken from 'Egypt Gallery'.

A replica statue in the 'Greek Gallery'.

A short video taken from one of the 'Greek Gallery'.

Lewis Chessman.

Photo taken in 'Middle East Gallery'.

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