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Westminster Abbey and St. Margeret Church (28 May 07)

们也去了Westminster 教堂,就在Westminster 的不远处。这个教堂已被封为UNESCO的世界历史建筑的其中一项。要参观者教堂得付10英镑一人,这对我们几个穷光蛋来说真的太贵了。所以到今天,我还是没进去参观过。听说里面很堂皇,也很美。

Not far from Westmister, you may found Westminster Abbey. The actual name of this UNESCO world heritage is Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster. These photos were taken from another side of this cathedral (I don't know which side :P). I haven't visited inside the cathedral as visitors are required to pay 10 pounds! :P

Look at how the entrace were crafted... amazing isn't it?

虽然还没有机会进去Westminster教堂看看,我们还是进去了一所比较小的教堂。这教堂叫St. Margeret教堂,就在Westmisnter教堂的范围内。进去这教堂参观可是免费的,但教堂里是不被允许拍照的。我想不允许拍照的原因应该是与相机打灯有关。因为相机的灯能把建筑物及壁画的颜色照坏,它会破坏原来的色彩。

Althought we didn't visit Westminster Abbey from the inside, we went into another smaller church just next to it, it's called St.Margeret Church. This church is also ground on Westminster Square, and most importantly the admission is free (hehe!). However, visitors are not permitted to take photos, most probably due to flash from cameras will destroy the real color of the textures and structures. I took a few photos without flash and recorded this beutiful church in short video.

Beautiful stainglass in St.Margeret Church.

The statue of Abraham Lincoln stands near to Westminster Abbey.

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