Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Tower Bridge, Here I Come Again! (29 May 07)

It was my second visit to Tower Bridge in London. Many people have mistaken it as London Bridge. In fact, London Bridge is just an ordinary simple bridge. It is not as attractive as this one.

Tower Bridge is a suspension bridge that cross over River Thames. The two towers on both sides are linked by two walked way. The total lenght of this bridge is approximately 801 feet. This bridge was officially opened since year 1894.

The bridge is designed as a bascule bridge, where it could be raised up in the middle to allow bigger ships and cruises to pass through. The system is pulled by hydraulic machine.

One of the towers. To know about the admission fees, please check

River Thames is always so busy.

One of the fasinating architecture/buildings which was found near by Tower Bridge.

Look what has vandal did to the sign board? Sad to see this.

This is London Bridge, the one that you keep singing in nursery rhyme. This bridge is built across River Thames too.

We also went to a near by park/garden.

The huge iron-made thing that stands behind my hubby plays its function as the short hand of a clock. When sun is moving, the shadow that falls from the iron stuff will be able to tell the exact time. Fantastic isn't it?

This picture shows us that it was nearly 5 in the evening.

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