Thursday, 1 February 2007

蚝油鸡 *Chicken with Oyster Saurce

鸡腿........ 2-3 支 (其它部分也行)
大葱........ 1 粒
白蘑菇.... 8 粒 (罐装的也行)
蒜米........ 1 汤匙
蚝油........ 2 汤匙
酱油........ 1 汤匙
食油........ 适量
胡椒粉.... 适量
绍兴酒.... 1 汤匙
清水........ 适量

1. 蘑菇切 1/2 或 1/3,大葱切块。
2. 把鸡腿切成小片。鸡肉腌上胡椒粉、酱油,腌大概 1 个分钟。
3. 热油后先把蒜米炒香,然后再把鸡倒入锅内炒。
4. 加蚝油也可以加一些水,焖至鸡肉熟为此。
5. 加入蘑菇和大葱再用大火焖3分钟。
6. 起锅前加入绍兴酒极少量胡椒粉便可。


2-3 chicken legs (any part of chicken could be used as well)
1 onion
8 button mushrooms
1 tbsp chopped garlic
2 tbsp osyter saurce
1 tbsp soy saurce
cooking oil
1 tbsp Chinese rice wine

1. Cut button mushrooms into 1/2 or 1/3, cut onion into slices.
2. Cut chicken into smaller pieces, marinate with pepper and soy saurce for an hour or more.
3. Heat the wok, stir fried garlic then follow by chicken.
4. Add oyster saurce and some water, cover until chicken is cooked.
5. Add mushrooms and onion to cook for another 3 minutes.
6. Add Chinese rice wine and some pepper before done.

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