Sunday, 15 February 2009



小时候放学铃声一响 直接冲到校门后

找Abang 买五、六串的鱼烧

沾上甜甜辣辣的辣椒酱 一串串送进嘴巴里


抗拒不了对小时候的回忆 买了四串

不但保留了二十多年前的味道 连价钱也没变


Recently I followed mum to Wakaf Bharu Wet Market to get some Thai rice. I was so surprise to see a mobile stall seelling this. Not sure what it is called, but what I remember is when I was small, I used to like buying 5-6 stitches of this every day after school. The taste... yummy, just couldn't resist!! It tastes like fishball, and what really make it special is the red sweet chilli sauce!! More surprisingly... it is still selling at RM0.10 each!! Just couldn't believe that not only the taste remain the same, the price also remain the same after so many years!!

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