Sunday, 15 February 2009



每天跟着妈咪到店里 原因只有两个

第一,店里的broadband signal 较强



这里的laksa是白色的浆汁 椰味相当重 但好吃

加上一大堆的生菜(Ulam) 再加上少少的辣椒


Laksa is one of my favourite food in Malaysia. You may find laksa is selling at every where, however laksa from Kelantan is special from the other.

Kelantan's laksa is served with white gravy which is made of chunk fish and coconut milk, while the noodle is made of rice. If you prefer thicker or fatter noodle, try 'lakse'; if you like ordinary noodle, try 'lakso'. Well... I guess only Kelantanist could understand and differentiate that two words, as both words are local dialag.

Besides serving with white-creamy gravy, laksa is also served with variety of raw vegetables. People in Kelantan take raw veges as part of their diet, just like westerners who believe taking salads is good for health.

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