Monday, 2 March 2009

Simba 午时没事做篇 * A Relaxing Noon for Simba

Simba 真的长大了!一脸猫公样,性格方面也有了180度的转变。不再爱撒娇、不再爱粘人,喜欢自己独自走来走去。唯一没变的是,玩得发癫的时候还是不会收指甲。


来看看Simba 可爱的一面吧!

Simba is fully grown into a tough,handsome tom cat now. Physically, he has changed. Personality wise, he has changed as well. However, he still play without keeping his claw, as usual.

The day before going back to Johor, Simba and Coco were almost having a fight. In order to prevent two of them from getting injure and bleed, I used my foot to push one of them away. Simba thought I was playing with him, he held my foot with his claw penetrated in my flesh. Och! That was really hurt! While I was shouting out for pain, he looked at me with his curious facial expression, as if he was asking: What's wrong with you? Ya... with the puss in boots natural defenses, starring in my eyes with an innocent, wide-eyed, cute expression ... he made my heart melted!

I still have 3 long scratches of scars on my left foot....

Feeling sleepy in the hot noon....

Almost shutting the eyes.....


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