Thursday, 7 January 2010

Peak District National Park I - Upper Derwent (28 Dec 09)

University of Leeds was closed from 24 Dec 09 to 3 Jan 2010 for Christmas and New Year holidays, hubby and I took this opportunity to travel a bit north. This time our target is to visit Peak District which was about 1.5 hours drive from Leeds.

Peak District is one of the UK's national park. It stands in the midland of England. It covers a huge area of land, including part of Chesire, Greater Manchester, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. Most areas in Peak District are 1,000 feet above the sea level. The highest point of Peak District is at Kinder Scout, which is more than 2,000 feet above sea level. The overall area of PD is about 1,440 square km. This is our first trip to PD, we focuses most in Derbyshire, although most of the time we were unable to tell where were we.

Everything was alright on the first day, although the temperature was very low and there is not enough sun light for photo shooting. Things turned to be really bad on the second day. The sky was grey since morning, plus it was raining non-stop in the afternoon. Iniatialy we wanted to take a cable car travel up to the hill top, but then we ended up leaving Peak District earlier at about 2 something.

Took this when we were at Upper Derwent visitor centre.

Walking around Upper Derwent.

Awesome reflection!

Love the scenary here!

Look at the road on my left, the road is so icy and slippery!

The paranomic view of Upper Derwent. (click to enlarge the picture)

Ladybower Viaduct, perfect reflection!!

Leaving Derwent and moving towards another town near by... at the same time seaching for lunch too!

Just stopped by to take a few photos...

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