Friday, 8 January 2010

Peak District National Park III - Bakewell (29 Dec 09)

We spent a night at Baslow. It was a great stay in Wheatsheaf Hotel. Wheatsheaf is a small hotel with only 10 rooms, but the condition was so much better than what I have imagined. I didn't aspect to pay 40 pounds per night for such a luxury stay.

We leaved the hotel straight after having our authentic English breakfast. The weather was quite bad, the sky was grey, it was definately not a good day for photo shooting. Weather is always the main problem for photo shooting. UK's weather is always unpredictable. 90% of time the sky is either grey, rainny or foggy, it seldom has sunny bright day, even during summer.

We spent all moning walking around a small town called Bakewell. Nothing much to see over there, however we were quite happy to discover 'lamb auction' in this town. I never know that animal could be auctioned as well. Not sure what buyers will do with their lambs, they may slaughter them, keep them or etc.

View of River Wye Park

Hubby was standing on a 13th century bridge at River Wye Park.

In the town...

Back to River Wye Park.

Lamb auction... anyone is interested to buy some?

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