Friday, 8 January 2010

Peak District National Park IV - Abor Low Stone Circle & Matlock (29 Dec 09)

Thank God for giving me a thick snow winter this time around. The whole journey from Leeds to Peak District was covered by snow, it makes our sightseeing more exciting!

After leaving Bakewell, we continued our journey to Arbor Low. Peak District is divided into Dark Peak and White Peak and Arbor Low is located at White Peak. It is said that Arbor Low is another version of Stonehenge. 50 large limestone were arranged in an oval shape, however most stones are broken. Archeologists found human bones somewhere near to the centre of the circle. It's believed that Arbor Low was built for religion purposes.

This place is really awesome! The only thing that I don't like about this place is it's so freezingly cold in winter! Strong wind, low temperature, plus slipery walkway, we have to hide our face under the jumper or winter jacket!

Found this lovely place while we were on our way driving to Abor Low.

Haha!! I will remember this place forever! Due to the icy condition, our car failed to go up to the slope. We ended it up by taking the alternative road...

This photo was taken in one of the farm house near Arbor Low. I love this place and I love this photo! It's awesome!

It looks warm isn't it? The fact is... it's freezingly cold! Colder than hiding yourself in the fridge!

Behind me is Gib Hill.

Hubby said I looked like Osama bin Laddin in this picture. What do you think?
That's Arbor Low stone circle!!

After Arbor Low, we went to Matlock for lunch. At first we planned to either take cable car up or hike/walk up to Heights of Abraham. Too bad that the weather was so bad, it was raining like cats and dogs, we were forced to cancel our initial plan and ended up driving back to Leeds earlier. I told hubby we should come back again during the next summer!

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