Tuesday, 14 September 2010

New Drop Down Menu

Well, finally the new drop down menu for my blog is done! Hurray!

I attached an old drop down menu once, but some problems occurs on the web link that I was using, it then turned out to be a long list of menu instead of a multiple-level drop down menu!

The credit goes to my hubby! Thank you for writing me a new CSS code! I definitely couldn't do this by my own. In fact I have tried a few times and I end up with lots of confussion!

Not all menu in my blogspot has drop down functions. Simply point your cursor to these categories, a list of related blogs will appear on the screen. 'TRAVEL' is the only category with multiple drop down menu. I hope this new system will benefit my blog readers especially when they are searching for the relevant post.

This is how the drop down menu should look like. All the categories are placed on the same row straight after the blog header/the main picture. Click on anyone of them will bring you to the relevant blog! Kindly refresh your IE or other internet tools if the menu doesn't work well!

Below is an example of how multiple drop down menu works.

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