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Germany & Austria - 前篇

再不把德国&澳地利游记写下来的话,我想很快就会把细节全都忘了。 续4月的葡萄牙和6月的西班牙后,8月份我们去了一趟德国与澳地利。德国&澳地利 - 暂时应该是我们在欧洲的最后一站了。当然希望在未离开前能再到一、两个欧洲国家逗留,但由于时间有点紧逼,小华又在做他博士班的最后冲刺,这个希望也许这能在德国画上句号了。

8 天的行程,从德国中西部一直开车沿着德国最长的Rhine河到南部;从德国跨界到澳地利;再用8个钟的时间直接沿着东德的高速公路从南北上

因为德国刻板、严厉的政治历史,加上当年Nazi冷酷血腥的种族屠杀,我对德国本来就没有什么好印象。可能像似The Pianist 和Schindler's List 的电影看太多了,给我带来太多负面的联想。接触了德国后,发现到事实上德国人还蛮友善的。只是有一点,德国人的礼貌和态度还是不必英国人好。怎么说呢?两次了我们买东西排队要付钱时,他们竟然问也没问就插队!也许这只是我个人遇到的问题,当然如果只因为那两个插队的人而抹黑所有的德国人,那对其他的德国人就不公平了。无论如何,说到礼貌,真的还是英国人排首榜!





Düsseldorf (第一站)
B: Koblenz
C: Sankt Goar (St. Goar)
D: Bacharach
E: Heldeiberg
F: Baden-Baden
G: Triberg
H: Titisee
I : Konstanz (Constance)
J: Lindau
Kißlegg (Kisslegg)
Füssen (Fussen)
M: Innsbruck
N: Ehrwald
München (Munich)

这一次的德国旅程可以说是80%照着我们买回来的德国旅游介绍书(Lonely Planet 出版社,第六版)走的,其余的旅程比如说到澳地利是我们自己加上去的。为了这一趟旅途,我把书上有关的地点都啃完了。每一个地点都有它独特的地方; 每一个地点都有不一样的吸引力;每一个地点我们都喜欢!


I better start writing about my trip to Germany & Austria before I forget all the bits and experiences I had there.

We have been to a few countries this year: Portugal in April, Spain in June and Germany+Austria in August. I guess Germany and Austria will be the last destination of our Europe trip. Although I am very keen to visit more places before returning to Malaysia for good, I dare not disturb hubby at the moment. Currently he is in the 'fire fighting' situation, working hard for the last bit of his phD tesis. I hope he could complete his research successfully.

Both of us spent about 8 days of journey in Germany and Austria with lots of joy and happiness! We drove from east midland of Germany (journey started from Dusseldorf), we were following Rhine river heading to the south, crossed the border to Austria and took another route from the south back to Dusseldorf. Along the journey, we went through the gateway of romantic Rhine, we saw so many old and romantic castles, we admired the beauty of nature... these two countries are amazing!

Frankly, I never thought Germany is such an attractive place to visit. All these while, my perspective about Germany was influenced by the Hollywood movies such like 'Schindler's List' and 'The Pianist'. Plus what I have learned from the history, I thought Germany and German are boring, rigid and always serious. I am really glad that I have a chance to see the real Germany, to experience the real culture and to meet with the locals. Now that I understand Germany and German better.

The map above shows how and where we began our journey (from Dusseldorf) and all the small towns we stopped by. 80% of the idea and driving plan came from the travel book we brought (publisher: lonely planet, 6th edition), another 20% came from ourselves.

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