Friday, 11 September 2009

Is Someone Trying to Hack My Blogspot??

I was unable to log into my blogspot on Wednesday morning, the system sent a notification saying my blog account has been deleted! WTF!! I was so freck out!! I donno what I have done later on and I was permitted to log in again as usual. Thank God that the account still exist as usual...

I was trying to log-in again from my office just now, the system sent me another enquiry, asking me to change my password as it is suspected someone was trying to heck my account. Holly shit! Again, I was freck out! What the hell is going on? Are there some demons trying to steal my password? Or I suspect... there is never any hecker at all, it was just blogger's stupid system, unable to identify another IP address from where I log-in. I usually log-in from home, sometimes I do log-in from my office. I guess blogger's stupid system was just being extra precautious and wanting to make sure the person who log-in is genuine.

Hell, I have to create another password... I just hate to have another new password in life. Why should we live in the world that full of passwords??


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