Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Whitby III (22 August 09)

Whitby 的教堂也相当出名的。这教堂在651AD时被发现,一直都流传着吸血鬼的传说与故事。虽然看起来有点破旧又阴深的感觉,但这一所旧教堂还是很美丽的。进门票是5.50英镑一个人,我们并没进去参观。

1. 坐船从Whitby镇到对岸,然后爬199个梯级到山上去。
2. 开车绕山到对岸去,可以直接把车停在Whitby Abbey的停车场就行。
3. 从Whitby镇一直走到对岸,然后再上山。这肯定不是最好的方法,会上下山走到很累。

This awesome abbey is situated across the stream, stays up high on the hill opposite Whitby main town. There are a few ways to access this awesome historical monument:
1. Take a boat from Whitby town and cross over the stream, walk up to 199 steps from the harbour.
2. Take the turning route and drive up to the opposite hill, you will reach the abbey's car park straight away.
3. Never the less, walk all you way from the main town to the opposite hill, and then up to the 199 steps on top of the hill. I am sure this is not the best choice for everyone, unless you are fit enough to walk and hike for so many kilometers.

This abbey was founded back in 651AD, it carries the legend and becoming the inspiration for Bram Stoker of Dracula. This place is kind of spooky, however this ruin abbey still remains beautiful and full of legend. The admission fee is 5.50 pounds sterling per adult, we didn't visit this place from the inside, we just watched it from far.

Whitby Abbey, with the legend of Brom Stoker Dracula.

一路走过Whitby Abbey的周围时遇到了美丽的马儿。

从山丘上看对面的Whitby 主要镇口。

后来我们开车向Scarborough 去。半路上看到了麦田,常因为一大屯的麦草而不由自主地把车停下来,然后上前拍照。
These round hay bales always catch my eyes and I always insist to stop by to snap a few photos of them. They will be wrapped up with a layer of black thick plactic bag before keeping as food for animals for the coming winter.

I was caught in action!!

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