Saturday, 18 July 2009

Drawing with Two Mini Light Bulbs

Hubby drew this with two mini light bulbs...

Drew by hubby as well.... cute isn't it? :)

With some simple photoshop effects....

Hubby and I drew this together... I drew the stem and the leafs, the rest were drawn by hubby. Love this one the most!


  1. thanks for visiting my blog..
    i like the flower n lollipop, so nice!

  2. it's so very nice! How did you do that? Would like to try too...

  3. Hi lily! I shot these pics in a dark room, and I set the shutter speed very slow (about 8-11 sec). While waiting for the camera's shutter to close down, we held light bulds in hand and quickly draw in the air. It is easier to draw with torch light, as torch light is easy to control the on off button.