Saturday, 11 July 2009

Renault World Series at Silverstone (4 July 09)


早在几个月前小华上网申请到了4张免费的入场卷。本来节目是两天的(4-5 July 09),但因为朋友想到Leeds走走的关系,我们只好观赏一天的赛车。



Hubby and I attended Renault World Series at Silverstone last Saturday. It was surposed to be a two-days-show (4th-5th July 09), however we were there for only one day, as we had friends from Nertherland visiting us. Lots of activities were going on, including Renault car exhibition (old and new cars), Renault car races, gathering for Renault fans from all over Britain and test driving. It might be an exciting event for some people, but definately not me. I found it was quite dull, I didn't even have chance to snap F1 photos, we kept moving from one corner to another, didn't really spend time to sit and watch. Further more, F1 was like a speedy gonzales, either I pressed the shooting button too slow or my shutter speed worked too slow, I failed to capture speeding F1 most of the time.

Not many people attended in the morning, most turned up after 11am.

While we were walking to the exhibition site....

Nice butt!!

Classical collection from Renault's fans...

F1 tyres were wraped and carefully monitored with some electronic devices. Those tyres will only be unwraped once machanics were ready to put them on the vehicles.

Fail to take pictures while it was running on the track. This photo was taken after it slowed down and turned back to the starting point.

Went to KFC for lunch, haven't had KFC for so long.... the operating system and payment system is abit advance in this restaurant. Payment has to be made via machine. Bring the receipt to the counter afterwards to collect your food.

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