Sunday, 1 November 2009

Anti-Islamic Extremist Demonstration in UK

Violence broke out at Birmingham (in August) and Manchester (in October) when a big group of anti-Islam extremist demonstrated in these two places. During the event, 33 people were arrested in Birmingham, while 48 were arrested in Manchester for public order and other offences.

The same demonstration happened in Leeds yesterday. While hubby and I were in town to do some shopping, we accidentally bumped into two crowds of people: Anti-fascist activist who gathered in front of Leeds Art Gallery; and anti-Islamic extremist who demonstrated near Leeds' train station.

What amazed me most is the way authority figures carried out their job efficiently and professionally. Surprisingly the number of yesterday's on duty policemen were double the number of protesters. Not sure how many policemen were involved in yesterday's demonstration. Lots of policemen were 'imported' from Durberham, Birmingham and other places of UK to provide enforcement support.

Although the event turn out to be a bit massive after anti-Islam extremist leaved the spot, the overall situation was well under control. Glad that no one was hurt yesterday.

Anti-fascism demonstration, in front of Leeds Arts Gallery.

This is another group of people who are showing their anti-fascism banner to anti-Islam extremist who gathered some where near Leeds train station.

Hundreds of policemen from all over UK worked together, surrounding anti-Islam extremist in Leeds, to ensure these people won't be doing anything offencing public order.

Getting ready... just in case it goes wrong...

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