Sunday, 15 November 2009

北上苏格兰(VIII) - Urquhart 城堡 *Heading to North Scotland (VIII) - Urquhart Castle (31 Aug 09)

之前在网上找到Urquhart 城堡是被苏格兰的其中一个名胜。Urquhart 城堡在多年前被遗弃,虽然如此,这城堡还是被保留得很好。这城堡位于Loch Ness 湖旁,建立于Inverness 镇与Fort William镇之间。


We stopped at Urquhart Castle on our way back driving back to Leeds. Urquhart Castle stands beside Loch Ness, and it is in between Inverness and Fort William towns. It used to be one of the most important defence territory in North Scotland.

When I reached this place, I was a bit suprised that the area was surrounded by walls. It's not easy for visitors to have a look how this castle actually look like, and it's tough to take picture of Urquhart Castle from far. Tall plants are planted along the wall, they blocked the view, unless you climb and stand on the wall, then only you are able to take a picture or two of the castle. I didn't buy ticket to visit this castle as I found the admission fees are too expensive. I believe many have the same thought as I did, most visitors were loituring around the car park without going into the entrance.

一路上返回Leeds 的其中一个美丽风景。。。
This was one of the breathtaking scenary caught on camera while we were on our way driving back to Leeds...

Expensive adminission fees....

从远去拍到的Urquhart 城堡。
Picture of Urquhart Castle taken from far.

This is the actual distant in between where we stood and Urquhart Castle. Do they really have to build the wall so far away from the castle??

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