Wednesday, 30 June 2010

I Wanna Kiss You

电话铃声一响 我提起来说:School of Earth and Environment

'Err...emmm...what's my quiry?' 对方好像突然把头撇过去和身边的人说话

'Is that possible for me to check my classification?' 对方的声音好像才刚睡醒

'Are you a third year student?' 'Yes!'

'Hold on for a moment' 'Can I have your name please?' 'I am XXX'

'Could you please confirm your student ID number?' 'It's XXXXXXXXX' 对方的反应有点迟钝的念号码

'Congratulation XXX! You got a 2:1! Well done!'


'Hurray...hurray...hurray' 说了三次很慢、很慢的hurray, 然后好像在对空气自言自语、傻笑

'Can I know my marks please?'

'I'm sorry I don't have your marks on my sheets. If you would like to know the details of your mark, you could either send an email to request for your transcript, or check your full result online, we will published it online next week on...' 话还没说完,突然被对方打断了

'I don't care about the marks now... Am I confirmed getting a 2:1?' 对方的声音还是很mcc

'Yes, confirm it's a 2:1 for you, it's definate!'

'Who am I speaking too?' 'I'm TP'

对方突然防不慎防的丢了一个问题给我 'Do you remember me?'

那么多学生我哪记得那么多呀!除非是非常出色的还是烂得不得了的 'I'm sorry... your name does come across my mind but I think I never meet you before'

'No! No! I saw you before! I know you!' 'I wanna kiss you! You have been so great to me!'

我有对你那么好吗?怎么连我自己都不记得了?'Are you drunk?'

'Oh yes! I am drunk now... I am in oversea...' 'All the staff in your office have been really good to me, thank you so much!'

'I will let my colleagues know about that, thank you!'

'Will you be there on my graduation day?' 对方的声音听得出有点high high底

'We will definately be there to congratulate all the graduates! Hope to see you then! Bye!'



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