Tuesday, 7 February 2012

CNY Gathering (4 Feb 12)

It was Hubby's idea to invite his friends/colleagues to our house for dinner. Besides having steamboat, what else is the most simple dinner to prepare for the head count of 12?

We started the dinner sharp at 7 evening. Besides preparing food for steamboat, hubby also spent some money on alcohol. We bought a bottle of fine red wine, plus some vodka and mixture of about a dozen pints of German beers and Heineken. The gathering won't be fun without any alcohol!

Playing cards and games that called 'in-between' really heat up the atmosphere. Everyone was extremely excited and happy. I am not so sure whether it is due to the games or the alcohol.
Just love this kind of gathering. I don't mind spending some money and I don't mind to have this kind of so called 'party' more often at home.

Like what Pink sang: 'Let's get the party started!'

Hubby's chicky smile... hehe...

All the girls! Cheers ladies!

A loud shout of 'Yam Seng'. Now that I recall why I loss my voice! ><

A big applause to those who did an 'absolute bottom up'!!

I realized most like to stand at my new bar counter to have their drinks.... will this make the drink tastes better? I wonder....

After some red wine + vodka + beers + full stomach....


  1. but we're not invited. Gan said, our 3 scary monster make uncle Ho so scared! hahaha!

  2. From the pictures, I so like your kitchen so much!