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见证雅典的神话故事 - Acropolis I *Visiting the Lagendary Athens - Acropolis I (9 June 09)

来到了雅典,我想每一个游客一定不会放弃观光Acropolis的机会吧?Acropolis是以往希腊最先进、最繁荣的一个大城市。这座城市位于全希腊最高水平的地方,也就是Plaka,Monastiraki这一环旅游胜地中心点的一座山上。除了Acropolis 上面最出名的Parthenon神殿以外,这里还有很多很漂亮、很有历史性、但无法被完全保留下来的古籍。

I guess no one will ever forget about making their trip the most popular and marvelous tourist spot in Athens - Acropolis. Yes, this historial monument has attracted millions of visitors each year. You will never know how great the architecture, history and Greek civilisation were without visiting Acropolis. Acropolis used to be the biggest and most civilized town in the entire Athens. This place served as a holy place for worshiping, for expressing political thoughts and opinions and held other main activities of Greece. It's located on the hill, in the middle of busy streets such like Plaka and Monastiraki. The admission is free.


While we were on our way walking up to the hill...

Acropolis is at the end of the marble pathway...

上到Acropolis,第一个看到的历史古籍是Odeum of Hedores。当初Hedores Atticus为了纪念死去的妻子才建立这一个大舞台。至今,由于这个舞台还是很完整的被保留下来,它还是开放给歌舞剧或演唱会使用。令人吃惊的是这个舞台竟然能容纳5千名观众。

The first thing that we saw after entering the main gate to Acropolis is this - Odeum of Hedores. This building was built under the command of Hedore Atticus, as a memorial to his beloving wife. Today, this place is still booked and used for theater performance, concert & etc. This 'stadium' could support roughly 5 thousand spectators, amazing!

广角镜头都无法把整个Odeum of Herodes 拍完。

从Odeum of Herodes往山上一直走,就会到达Acropolis神殿的门栏前,也就是名字响当当的Propylaea。扎在Propylaea的山崖边可以享受一望无际的雅典风景。没上来这里根本就不会晓得原来雅典也是个相当大的国家首都。
This picture is taken in front of Propylaea. Propylaea is the gateway of Parthenon. The scenary up there is really beautiful!

Propylaea 是进入Acropolis神殿之前的门栏。据说,这个门栏是阻隔下等人进入的地方。
Although it ws still very early in the morning, Propyleae was already crowded with visitors.

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