Sunday, 4 October 2009

见证雅典的神话故事 - Roman Agora *Visiting the Lagendary Athens - Roman Agora (9 June 09)

Roman Agora 在多年前是个聚会的地点,也是政治及卫兵的所在地。之后这个地方被罗马人重建,然后把它改成买卖市场中心。也因为这样,这个地方才和罗马扯上关系,被命名为Roman Agora.

Roman Agora used to be the military centre. After years, this places was rebuilt by Roman and used as a market or trading centre for people who lived in Athens. That was how the name of this places is related to Roman.

进来Roman Agora之前比经过的Athena 门栏(Gate of Athena).
Behind me is the gateway of Roman Agora. It 's called Gate of Athena.

Roman Agora西边的全景。后面的塔就是Tower of the Winds. 其余的柱子是East Propylon。

Behind me the west view of Roman Agora, consists of East Propylon (all the pillars) and the Tower of Wind.

Tower of the Winds & East Propylon.

Tower of the Winds 是个大理石建成的钟塔。这个钟塔是个八卦型的,每一面大理石上都刻有不同的画面,每一面都是不同的风向神的刻像。
Tower of Winds were formed in Octagon. It used to be a marble clock. Each sides of this marble clock were crafted with 8 different goddess.

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