Monday, 13 December 2010

Matt Cardle - The New X-Factor Winner

After hearing Matt sang in the judges' home months ago, I have been hoping Matt could win this year's X-factor, and he really wins! Congratulation Matt! :)

Although lots of people like Rebecca Ferguson, she is never my favorite. I personally feel that she has limited choices of song to sing (most probably Jezz fits her well). Unlike Matt, just throw him with any song, he could sing all of them well! Through these few months of singing competition, he really impressed me a lot, especially: 1. when he sang his heart out (Beyonce's song) in the judges house to make himself going to the final 12; 2. when he sang Britney's song in one of the week. It was brilliant! You really have to listen to it!

Before this, I thought Matt Cardle and Cher Lloyd will be the last two contestants to battle to the end. Unfortunately Cher was voted out last night. Cher is another singer that I really like. This 16 year old girl has all what a famous pop star has, she comes in 'a good package': she is cool, her style is unique, she looks like the 'mini version' of
Cheryl, she sings well and most importantly she can sing all kind of song like Matt could! Although she was not in the final 3, I believe if she is given a chance to make her first single album, she will definitely hit the best selling record!

It has been 3 years I never miss this fantastic programme, I have even been to the audition to watch the live show. I remembered I watched Harry Styles (one of the cutest member in One Direction, I called him 'roti-boy' as he was working in a bread store before) sang solo before Simon Cowells put the boys together.

I am gonna miss this fantastic show! Hope this programme is shown in Malaysia too!

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