Saturday, 10 July 2010

I'm Seeing Simon Cowell Tomorrow!

I'm seeing Simon Cowell in person tomorrow! Yes, the man who judges for American Idol, Britain Got Talent and X-Factor!

This man comes in a perfect package: he is a successful entrepreneur in music industry, rich, gorgeous and most importantly he has really attactive personality and strong charisma. Although he might be blunt and wisecrack in giving criticism to the contestents, people still like his honesty and agreed with his good judging skills about talent.

We got 2 tickets for Britain Got Talent last year. However friends from Netherland visited us, that was why we cancelled our plan to go to Manchester to watch the show. This year, hubby applied for tickets to X-Factor back in months ago. I guess we are quite lucky, we got 2 tickets for the afternoon session and 2 tickets for the evening session. The afternoon session begins at 1:45pm (hall will open at 1:15pm) and will be finishing at around 6:00pm. Most probably we will be there only for the first session.
I am so excited and can't wait for tomorrow! It's not about the show, it's all about Simon Cowell!

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