Sunday, 11 July 2010

X-Factor Audition in Manchester (11/7/10)

Although we got 2 tickets in the afternoon and 2 tickets for the evening session of X-Factor show in Manchester, our initial plan was to attend the earlier one. The entrace time printed on the ticket was 1:15pm to 1:45. By the time we arrived at Manchester Central, there were already thousands of crowds queing and waiting under the big sun! We quickly join the queue, but was told by the organizer we were in the reserve list, it will only be a 50-50 chance for us to get into the hall. Hmm... look like having the tickets do not guarantee your seat in the hall.

Well, we were already there, so we decided to queue up and try our luck. After taking our reserve ticket number 350 and 351 (can't believe there were 400 people on reserved), we joined the crowd and waited under the big sun from 12:45pm to 1:45pm. finally the organizer open the entrance door and let everyone in, except those who were on reserve list. Unfortunately we were asked to leave. Some of them refused to leave and keep on argueing with the organizer about the ticketing system. Hey people! That's a free ticket! Don't aspect too much ok? Move on!

We missed the first session of the day, that's alright because we still have another 2 tickets for the evening session. After leaving Manchester Central, we drove to Manchester China town to do some shopping and had our tim sum. We went back to Manchester Central again about 4:55pm and thousands of crowds were already there! Some were there since 2pm, so ridiculous!

The entrance door for evening show was supposed to open from 6:15pm to 6:45pm. However it was delayed as the first session finished up late. We stood at there from 4:55pm to 7:15pm, hubby did walk away once to get me a starbuck coffee. I really need the coffee to give me a boost after such a long queue.

When we managed to get into the auditorium, it was 'WOW'!! I am not sure how many people were there last night, but the small auditorium was full with spectators! The auditorium was surrounded by hundreds of colorful sportlights, not less than 6 professional cam-corders were hanging around! The MC was funny, he first introduced the host - Dermot O'Leary, then his own daughter! He gave instructions to audience, for example relating his body language to certain instructions like 'big appause', 'shout and clap like crazy'... Audience were allowed to take pictures before the show began.

About an hour later, Simon Cowells, Louise Walsh and Nicole scherzinger from Pussycat Doll walked into the auditorium. Everyone was crazy claping their hands and shouting for Simon! Nicole is replacing Dannii Minogue this year and Dannii is pregnant at the moment. Cheryl Cole was the only one that absent on that night, and for the rest of the week of X-Factor audition. She was hospitalized with malaria, she is recovering now.

Never thought that Simon Cowells loves to interact with the crowd, he spoke to the audience, wave for the audience and even stood up for the audience to take pictures. Too bad hubby only bring a X3 zoom DC camera to the show last night, I wasn't able to shot a close-up photos of all the judges.

The show went well. Make-up artist went on judges' stage to help them put on their make-up each time after every contesntant sang. A few groups sang really well last night. Look up for a girl group called 'Estrella', their performance were awesome last night! Besides that, I am also looking for next performance by a solo girl and a solo boy (forgot what's their name). A solo boy who sang Lady Gaga's song gained a lot of support from the crowd, although he didn't manage to get through to the next round.

The show ended around 11:20pm. We were trapped at the car park for about 45 minutes. In the end we manage to reach home by 1:30am.

Conclusion: 2 hours of driving, 3 hours plus of queuing and waiting, 18.60 pounds sterling of car parking fees, 45 minutes of traffic jam at in the car park... after all these, it's still worth it!

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