Sunday, 11 September 2011

Hard Work & Promotion

While hubby was sitting at the car porch and cutting his nail, an army of ants appeared. They came and then carried away broken pieces of cut nails. I was so surprise after seeing this. I never know that nail and dead skin could be a source of food for ants too.

Hubby and I were observing these little hardworking creatures. We looked at each other and smile. It was too amazing! It was a new discovery for both of us.

After a while, I pointed to hubby a greedy ant that carried nail which is at least 3 times its own weight. Hubby reply: He is going to get promoted once he returns home!

Hahahaha.... I was laughing like mad!! This is so funny!

Well, I truely hope it will get promoted after his hardwork! :)

The greedy ant that carried nail 2 times larger than itself; at least 3 times heavier than itself.

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